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Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonials

Derek Moore, D.C.
Occupation: Chiropractor

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 48, I carefully considered all my options including radiation, chemotherapy and alternative therapies. After a year working with a neuropath, I felt terrific, but my PSA levels did not decrease. Since a previous biopsy had indicated the presence of cancer, I felt certain I still had the disease.

Then I began investigating the daVinci robotic system® and decided that it offered the best treatment option. I met with Dr. Klavans and was extremely impressed with his expertise and the precision offered by robotics. As a physician, I understand the tremendous advantages of less invasive procedures that offer minimal blood loss and decreased risk of infection. Since I exercise regularly and take care of my overall health, I was also extremely pleased with the small incisions that heal quickly and leave very little scarring.

As expected, my pain after the surgery was minimal, mostly caused by gas. I spent three or four days resting at home and was able to resume daily activities after about a week. Because my cancer was contained within the prostatic capsule, I was able to avoid chemotherapy.   

I commend Morton Plant's surgical team for their skill and the responsive pre-and post-operative care I received. Everyone I came into contact with - from the receptionists to the nurses, surgeons and other medical staff - gave me personalized attention, which I really appreciate. I would highly recommend Morton Plant's robotic prostatectomy to my friends and my patients.  

Barry Nierengarten
Occupation: Business Owner

My prostate cancer was detected on a PSA test that was part of an annual physical. The biopsy showed that I had a very aggressive cancer. When I met with Dr. Barkley at Morton Plant, he advised me that I was a candidate for daVinci robotic surgery. I had heard that this form of surgery offers dramatically reduced blood loss, a lower risk of infection and a much faster recovery time from another patient who works in my office building.  

My surgery occurred just one month after my original diagnosis. My procedure was performed on a Thursday morning, and I was released Friday afternoon. After my first day at home, I did not need any pain medication. The week following my surgery, I felt so good that I worked half days in the office. The second week I was back to full-time desk work. After two weeks, I was fully recovered and able to resume all normal activities.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Barkley and this amazing surgical procedure. I had no pain or side effects from the surgery and recovered very quickly. The best part is that my cancer was successfully removed, and I now have a PSA score of 0.

Roberto Sanchez
Occupation: Architect

After I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I spent eight months researching my medical options. I was very concerned about developing urinary incontinence or impotence associated with traditional surgery. My research led me to the daVinci Robot and to Dr. Barkley at Morton Plant, which is one of the first hospitals in the area to offer this innovative surgical tool.

As an architect, I wanted to be able to visualize how the surgery would be conducted. Dr. Barkley thoroughly reviewed the risks and benefits of this surgical procedure with my wife and me. He also gave me a DVD that shows a virtual surgery performed with the aid of the daVinci system.  Going into the surgery I had confidence in both the skill of the surgeon and the advantages offered by robotic technology.  

I could not be more pleased with my choice. I am happy to report that I have not experienced incontinence or loss of potency. All my biopsies were negative and my post-operative PSA test results are excellent, which gives me the freedom to pursue my life with the confidence that I am free of cancer.